G1 Therapeutics Reports Positive Clinical Trial Results in Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Small Cell Lung Cancer

On March 5, G1 Therapeutics, Inc. (GTHX) reported positive topline data from its Phase 2a trial for Trilaciclib in patients receiving chemotherapy for first-line small cell lung cancer. The data from the trial showed clear evidence that Trilaciclib preserved bone marrow and immune system function from damage due to chemotherapy treatment. Trilaciclib would be the first drug of its kind to enhance immune system function during chemotherapy in this way.


Rocket Tickers detected the event and issued an alert at 6:00 am. The next trade was at 9:28 am for $27. Regular market trading opened at $27.50. After small gains on the day of the event, G1 Therapeutics continued to trade higher over the next five trading days. The stock price closed at $35.59 on March 12 for a gain of over 31% during the week after the announcement.

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