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The intention for the product is not to be a complete reference of events. It’s a system that identifies events at their origin and sends an alert to our subscribers. We are always making updates and improvements, but since there are many ways information becomes public it will never represent a complete picture. We don’t go backwards and fill in gaps for events we missed since the value we provide is timing. Also note that the system is based on an artificial intelligence so it is not 100% reliable and thus up to each user to check out the company and determine if and how they want to trade it.

Yes, we have a cancel anytime policy. To cancel please send an email to or call our main number to make your request.

For most users we don’t recommend text or email alerts as this requires reacting in seconds. For those users that can react that quickly, each signal category can be configured as either text or email but not both. All signals are always available on the signal viewer online, and this is the preferred method for most subscribers.

Currently we only provide signals for US stocks

The signals are sent as soon as they are detected, so your time zone makes no difference.

Rocket Tickers Signals does not provide investment advice and does not guarantee results of any kind. We provide signals for major market events that you may choose to trade, but any trading of this information is at your own risk and results will be dependent on your individual trading strategy.

All of the signals are available in the signal viewer on the Rocket Tickers website. If no signals are listed, then no signals occurred during the time period selected. Note that the signals are dependent on external events and Rocket Tickers does not have control over the frequency of specific events

To receive text alerts you must first set up your mobile number in the account settings tab of the members area. The bottom section allows you to enter a mobile number and email for signal delivery. Note that text messages are not recommended unless you are one of the few subscribers that can react in seconds. Most subscribers choose the web-view only for each category.

The time zone referenced for all signals is Eastern US time which corresponds to New York time